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DigitalOcean was founded in 2012 and is presently among the largest web hosting companies on the planet, although gives an account of their exact position contrast. The company has offices in New York, which is also where they’re headquartered, as well as Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Bangalore, India. Their data centers are all around the world for a total of 14: New York, Amsterdam, and San Francisco have three each, while Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Bangalore have one each.

digitalocean reviews



The company at present utilizes in excess of 500 individuals wherever they have data centers. Many of their customer-facing tools are open source and available on GitHub, and they organize the annual Hacktoberfest, a month-long virtual festival occasion to celebrate open-source software. A large part of their community appeal is their work with youngsters and those with great ideas to give them both a platform and any other assistance they may require.


DigitalOcean is an exceptionally technical hosting provider geared towards advanced users, offering a myriad of customizable and combinable options. Notwithstanding, there’s no compelling reason to realize all the jargon to have the option to make great utilization of the provider – they have some apprentice neighborly options, however advanced users will at present make the best utilization of all that they offer.


DigitalOcean approaches the issue of Pricing in an exceptional way.

Instead of offering pre-made plans with features that scale up with the value, they offer alleged Droplets, where you pick the amount of memory you need, the quantity of vCPUs, transfer limits, and SSD Disk size. They’re charged continuously, starting at $0.007/hr which comes up to $5 per month, yet go up into the thousands depending on explicit necessities.

DigitalOcean accepts credit/debit cards and PayPal, yet they don’t offer discounts. They do, nonetheless, offer a 60-day $100 credit to new users.

Ease of use

When pursuing DigitalOcean, you can utilize your email, Google, or even GitHub account. Although they don’t charge you before you start utilizing paid services (which means before you first go through your free $100 credits), in case you’re utilizing PayPal, you’ll have to purchase a $5 credit so as to continue. This isn’t the case with cards, however they warn that they may have to place a pre-authorization charge that will be canceled once your card is confirmed.

To continue, you have to create a Droplet. The vast array of customizable options can be intimidating, however DigitalOcean has a “Help Me Choose” section in case you’re uncertain. It broadly expounds on everything, explaining each term, and advising what kind of web traffic can be upheld through each plan. Further down, you can pick your data center region and your technique for authentication, where the decision is between a password and SSH keys.

For the password, you’ll have to meet some pretty severe necessities like length, an uppercase letter where one at the start and/or end doesn’t tally, the password cannot end in a number or special character, and so forth You can also enable backups, which will cost you an additional $1 per month per Droplet. Those are taken once a week and put away for about a month.

digitalocean reviews


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Speed and experience

A GTmetrix test puts the speed of DigitalOcean’s main website solidly above average, thanks to the 4.9 seconds it took to completely load the webpage. It took marginally a greater number of solicitations than what GTmetrix usually observes – 98 instead of the average 88 – however overall, the site scored in a way that is better than many other hosting providers.

As for uptime, DigitalOcean guarantees 99.99% uptime for all services.

Backup Support

DigitalOcean has really good backup support. The only way to contact them directly is by sending a ticket, only available to existing users. Finding an answer to your question is generally conceivable by perusing their, admittedly vast, Docs with such various topics, guides, and general advice.

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