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In general Satisfaction with Oracle Cloud Platform

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

People are using Oracle Cloud Platform to boost the quantity of user interaction with their different database apparatuses just as give a central location to their customers to get to information and reports. Its marriage between other Oracle independent items was consistent thus our organization had the option to adjust it rapidly and actualize it across different divisions.

oracle cloud reviews


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Significantly increases computing performance and subsequently, it diminishes any over the top IT costs
  • Integration of other Oracle items is simple and productive
  • A user-friendly climate which likewise decreases any pointless IT support in this way freeing up their time
  • Sets aside some effort to completely integrate over a larger company, yet this is more a reflection on how well a company’s IT division handles this.
  • Quantifiable profit
  • The diminishing in IT assets and time has been sensational as Oracle Cloud Platform has given a simpler climate to work in just as save their opportunity to take a shot at all the more pressing issues.

Participation in Oracle User Groups

Truly – I am an individual from the Boston Area Oracle Service Cloud User Group. We had the option to use the Boston territory Oracle Service Cloud User Group for bouncing thoughts off of different users with comparative corporate set-ups just as understood tips and deceives posted by different users on their site. The information we both gave and got was invaluable and assisted with getting us up and running.

oracle cloud reviews


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Probability to Recommend

We had been gradually implementing Oracle items to supplant a few existing systems thus we required a platform that would attempt to integrate over these arrangements. Our company is genuinely large and we work with an assortment of customers and vendors also. We required a simpler route for everybody to get to information and examine what information and future integration were generally appropriate.

People are also using Oracle Cloud for sales teams and management. Sales reps use it to manage their pipeline and remain organized. Management uses this for sales forecasting, information management, and visibility.

People were implementing a cloud-based sales tracking system…using Apex and the Oracle RDBMS. The database could truly be anyplace and with its growth as we reveal the app to the field, my customer needed to give this an attempt over AWS. Something they were looking for was both simplicity of maintainability of the database (including upgrades) and simplicity of adding or removing CPU computing cycles, not having to host it in-house, and so forth

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that conveys on-premises high-performance computing capacity to run Cloud native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. OCI gives ongoing elasticity to enterprise applications by combining Oracle’s independent services, integrated security, and serverless compute.

Is oracle cloud a disappointment?

Despite the ability and backing, Oracle’s cloud infrastructure unit neglected to win business. At that point, Oracle reported combined sales from infrastructure and platform services, until it quit reporting granular cloud performance in June 2018

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