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Rackspace offers managed hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server plans with data centers around the world. Their Rackspace cloud plans can be configured with OpenStack, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

rackspace reviews



  • Seven global datacenters
  • Offers carbon-neutral hosting
  • Offers non-hosting services like CRM and BI


  • Users report sub-ideal support
  • Plans can be expensive

Is Rackspace the Best Host for Your Website?

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In the event that you are looking for a high-end enterprise hosting-particularly for web applications – Rackspace might be on your rundown of possible hosts.

However, Rackspace has struggled throughout the most recent couple of years. Furthermore, they presently have savage rivalry from other major hosts.

Company Overview

Rackspace began as Cymitar Network Systems. It was established in 1996 by Richard Yoo along with Dirk Elmehof, Pat Condon, Morris Miller, and Graham Weston. It took on the name Rackspace in 1998 with Yoo as CEO and opened up to the world ten years after the fact.

They have a wide customer base serving a huge number of private ventures just as large corporations. The company is situated in San Antonio, Texas (approximately 200 miles west of Houston).

Rackspace focuses on providing managed dedicated and cloud hosting and has developed amazing brand notoriety. They are a leading provider of mastery and managed services.

rackspace reviews


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Rackspace landing page

Dedicated hosting is offered for both Linux and Windows platforms, and gives both managed hosting and colocation.

Rackspace guarantees 100% network uptime. This pledge to “zero-downtime” is made conceivable, they guarantee, with cutting edge repetition technology whereby on the off chance that one network or provider fizzles, Rackspace will promptly examine for a substitution. The end result is designed to be no loss of uptime and continual service to its customers.

The accomplishment of Rackspace has seen them grow to a billion-dollar international company over the previous decade, and numerous accolades have gone along the way, including being chosen for “Best Place to Work” grants in both the US and the UK.


Presently, Rackspace’s item porfolio includes the following services.

Managed Hosting

Rackspace’s Managed Hosting service offers you a single-inhabitant climate complete with the IT services you have to keep everything online.

There are two degrees of service: Managed and Intensive. They are intended to go about as an IT office with the goal that you don’t need to stress over your hardware. They all include the following:

  • 24/7 support
  • 100% Network Uptime guarantee
  • URL, port availability
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Managed firewall
  • VPN access
  • One-hour hardware substitution
  • OS patching
  • Bandwidth and backup performance usage
  • Managed information backups and restores
  • On-request support consultations.

Managed Cloud

The Managed Cloud isn’t one choice, however numerous choices. Besides, you’re not secured in Rackspace’s cloud environments – you can blend and match with items offered by outsider cloud providers, as well. You can pick any of the following cloud alternatives:

  • Public Cloud: multi-occupant climate that offers you impromptu scalability, which implies you just compensation for what you need
  • Private Cloud: single-inhabitant climate, either by means of a dedicated server or a virtualized climate
  • Mixture Cloud: set up the climate that best meets your requirements and browse public clouds, private clouds, and additionally traditional dedicated servers
  • Multi-Cloud: set up a climate that depends on clouds managed by various providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and VMware.
  • Colocation: In the event that you have existing hardware, you can set it up in one of Rackspace’s server farms and have Rackspace’s group make sure about and manage your physical servers.

Rackspace additionally offers proficient services, for example, cloud migration and reliability engineering.

Need to get an email using an address whose domain name coordinates that of your website? Rackspace offers email hosting alternatives that can assist you with getting begun with this. You can look over Office 365, Exchange, or Rackspace’s proprietary email alternatives. Everything accompanies the instruments you require to get to your inbox from different areas, plentiful storage, and (at times) profitability apparatuses.

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