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Overview of UpCloud

In business for over seven years, UpCloud is a developer-driven company that offers top solutions for organizations and individuals that should have the option to modify their facilitating to meet their requirements. UpCloud offers cloud servers, block storage, and software-defined networking.

It has four offices in four nations in North America, Asia, and Europe, and its servers are located across six nations. It has a claimed user satisfaction rate of 89% and its website is available in English only.

Features and Ease of Use

UpCloud’s cloud servers accompany various intriguing features, including the accompanying:

  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Snapshot backups are available
  • Straightforward and adaptable plans for storage, bandwidth, and so on

upcloud reviews


Why should you choose UpCloud?

I like that the company provides uptime assurance to customers and is certain to the point that it guarantees a 50X compensation if there are any disruptions for over five minutes. Also, the servers are deployed in under 45 seconds and it utilizes top-notch hardware and software to guarantee high IOPS.

Easy Backup and Server Cloning

For backups, you can set up periodic backups or create snapshots in seconds and also reestablish them rapidly on your servers. It doesn’t only take data redundancy truly, it also provides a feature that each developer will be happy to have and that’s an easy arrangement of a staging environment. In lieu of publishing your code changes legitimately to your website/application or utilizing a third-party server, UpCloud provides easy server cloning so you can automate your deployments and make all the changes you wish without adverse impacts.

Control Panel

I have composed “developer” a couple of times already and really, UpCloud’s market is those that feel comfortable around SSH and servers. It provides a control panel, however, that’s only to give you control over the infrastructure/server itself and billing.

Easy Installation of Software:

In the event that you want something like cPanel, you can install it yourself; you can install any control panel you’d like, including ServerPilot, VPSSIM, and CyberPanel, yet recall that you’re installing it yourself. You’ll have to sort out some way to utilize the command line to install the application before you can even go into an installer for WordPress or a website builder.

Developers and experienced users will have a swell time, however, with help for Linux and Windows, a decent API, and control over their server.


UpCloud utilizes it’s developed innovation, MaxIOPS, which provides performance of up to 400,000 information/yield operations per second. It’s based on SSDs and claims that it’s 2X faster than the business average.

Performance can be great, yet on the off chance that the security is awful, nobody will want to stay. Thus, on taking a gander at its security features, I saw that there is two-factor authentication to forestall unauthorized logins and the seller allows you grant system benefits to your team individuals with server tags. Besides, there is a customizable firewall (so you can add your own principles).

upcloud reviews


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Pricing and Support

UpCloud has two evaluating structures: one accompanies basic plans that allow you to pick any of its ease options that look near what you want. The other is the adaptable valuing structure where you don’t pick a plan, yet pick the exact assets that you need.

On both, it charges hourly, so on the off chance that you turn off your server for quite a while, you won’t be charged for that time. Its billing is monthly and based on account credits. Although it doesn’t offer discounts, it offers a free trial for first-time customers.

Customer Friendly service center

For customer uphold, UpCloud offers broad tutorials in its locale section and API documentation. Also, on the off chance that you contribute to the network, you could earn a great deal in account credits. Moreover, it has a live chat, email addresses, and phone numbers that are available every minute of every day. It claims its average response time is one moment and 37 seconds. In my experience, it was way shorter than that.

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